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Professional Hardware Chains Manufacturer in China

Kailipu is a top hardware chain supplier and exporter in China. And we supply various kinds of hardware chains. Among them, the Grade 30 proof coil chain, and Grade 43 high test chains, DIN5685A/C are the most representative.

Hardware chain is a kind of carbon steel chain, the surface is usually electro-galvanized. They are used for non-hoisting purposes such as towing, bundling, transportation, agriculture, etc.

We have a full set of chain production equipment, which can produce various standard types. Meanwhile, we can also do custom production. If you are looking for professional hardware chains manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll Help Your Hardware Chains and Accessories Business Succeed.

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Grade 30 is commonly known as a Proof Coil chain or Common Coil chain. Although the materil is low-strength carbon steel, it still quite malleable and rust resistant. But they are not as strong as other types of alloys.

Furthermore, we usually use Grade 30 Proof Coil chain for binding or tie down chains, tow chains and logging, etc.

Obviously, Grade 70 chain is composed of heat-treated carbon steel. It is approximately 20% stronger than Grade 43 chains. In contrast, Grade 70 is easily recognizable by its yellow chromate gold plating finish.

The Grade 43 Chain is stronger and more durable than the Grade 30 Chain. And we usually use them in more demanding applications like towing, construction, or trucking, etc.

Obviously, DIN 5685 is a German standard chains. And it is suitable for any type of fixing in the fields of nautical, construction, agriculture and metalworking. In addition, there are two ordinary materials-carbon steel and stainless steel. And we generally divide it into two types, “A “and “C”. “A” refers to a short chain and “C” refers to a long chain.

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