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Professional Transport Chains Manufacturer in China

Kailipu is a top transport chain supplier and exporter in China. And we supply various kinds of transport chains. Among them, the grade 70 and 43 steel chains standard NACM2010, ASTM A413, AS4344 are the most representative.

Transport chains also known as tie down chain, binder chain, tow chain and trucker’s chain. As it’s named, we mainly use them in hauling and lashing heavy duty cargo.

We have a full set of chain production equipment, which can produce various standard types. Meanwhile, we can also do custom production according to your size. If you are looking for professional welded chain manufacturers, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll Help Your transport Chains and Accessories Business Succeed.

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Transport chains also known as tie down chains, binder chains, tow chain and trucker’s chain. As it’s named, we mainly use them in hauling and lashing heavy duty cargos. Also there are primarily two different grades of tie-down chain that are used in transporting heavy equipment: Grade 43 and Grade 70.

G43 high test chains are higher strength chains, the material is carbon steel. And the surface normally has Self-color finish or white/blue zinc plated. Meanwhile, it will also include a grade marking on links. For example “G43”. We usually use them in the trucking industry for tie downs.

As its name implies G70 Transport Chain is used primarily to tie down loads on over-the-road equipment. The yellow chromate (gold) plating makes it easily recognizable even from a distance. Made from heat-treated carbon steel it has about 25% more strength than high test chains. Also we will mark “G70” logo on the chain links so that people can better identify it

Note: Not for overhead lifting.

The most common combination with tie down and lashing chains is with rigging hooks. Such as clevis grab hooks, slip hooks and RJT hooks. Just as we have two grades of G43 and G70 for the distinction of chains, their corresponding hooks are also distinguished in the same way. For example, G70 chains are usually assembled with A330 (alloy steel) grab hooks. But if it is a G43 chain, we will use an H330 (carbon steel) grab hook to match it.

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