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Kailipu is a young, dynamic company, located in Qingdao-the main production of rigging products in China. We offer both standard and customized solutions for lifting, rigging and material handling equipment.

Our products include wire rope fittings, rigging hardwarewelded chainpolyester webbing sling and truck winch, etc. Serving to Oil & Gas, Mining, Drilling, Marine, Port, Construction, Transportation, Steel, Cranes & Industrial, Structures, ect.

We offer top quality, differentiated brands, competitive pricing and quick logistics. Our passionate and skilled tradespeople form a dedicated team, swiftly responding to client needs and delivering outstanding quality work.


China rigging equipment

There are hundreds of wire rope fittings manufacturer and related support companies in Qingdao. And each factory, according to their own equipment situation, focuses on the production of a certain type or several types. So that we can achieve the maximum cost optimization. But customers’ purchase orders are often diversified. In order to better meet the needs of customers, we set up our new company-Qingdao Kailipu.

Kailipu began with a simple vision that combined the production power with the most professional trade services. That is, the two-way advantages of a powerful factory and trading company. In this way, we are able to help buyers around the world to obtain more professional lifting  and material handling products supply services.


Our team includes: Technicians with more than 20 years of production experience in the rigging industry; Quality control personnel who have worked in well-known hardware tool companies for more than ten years; And excellent foreign trade managers in this industry.

Kailipu adopts a modern management method. And we have a simple structure and clear responsibilities. So here you can get the fastest and most efficient feedback for any problem. Meanwhile our team members are experienced in their areas of expertise and never stop learning. And everyone does what they are best at to the extreme, which is the driving force for Kailipu to keep moving forward.

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To serve global customers with high quality lifting & rigging equipment and world-class customer service.


To be the most efficient and trustworthy supplier in China’s rigging and lifting industry.


Kailipu is China’s top quality rigging equipment supplier and exporter. Our wide range is in constant development with products guaranteed to meet the strictest and most recent market standards. As we carry large stocks, most orders will be delivered within days, including all you might require in terms of certification and traceability.

We promise to always be an honest, transparent and professional partner, as we always put the needs of our customers first.
So, if you are interested in getting associated with us and have the same vision as ours, please contact us for further details so we can venture into countless endeavors together.


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Kailipu - China rigging equipment supplier and exporter. Rigging hardware, wire rope fittings, welded chain,polyester webbing and truck winches.