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Lifting Eye Bolt

A lifting eye bolt, also known as an eye bolt or eyebolt, is a type of fastener specifically designed for lifting or securing heavy loads. It typically consists of a threaded shank with an “eye” or loop at one end. The eye is used as an attachment point for hooks, slings, or other lifting and rigging equipment. The threaded end is screwed into a threaded hole or other compatible fixture to provide a secure anchor point for lifting operations.

Swivel Hoist Rings: In some lifting applications, swivel hoist rings are used instead of traditional eye bolts. Swivel hoist rings provide a full swivel motion, allowing for flexibility in lifting angles and reducing the stress on the lifting point.

Lifting Eye Bolt Manufacturer in China

Kailipu is a professional Lifting eye bolt manufacturer and supplier in China. We supply various kinds of eye bolt and lifting points. Among them, the DIN 580/582, shoulder type and universal swivel are the most representative. Also we produce a variety of specifications and tonnage, which covers almost all sizes you will need.

Eye bolt & Hoist rings, also called lift points or lifting eye bolt. It is one of the most popular types of rigging hardware. Just like slings, sling hooks,and shackles, eye bolts comes in a number of designs and different configurations. And we usually use them as a lifting or securement point.

We have a full production line, not only can produce the standard type, but also do custom production. If you are looking for professional lifting, rigging and material handling equipment, do not hesitate to contact us we are always at your service.

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