Pre-Shipment Inspections

During a pre-shipment inspection, our engineers verify that finished goods conform to your specifications. A pre-shipment inspection (PSI) generally occurs when production is 100% complete and packaging is 80% complete.

Here are a few ways pre-shipment inspection greatly benefits your business:

  • It helps you avoid any last minute hassles.
  • Helps in avoiding expensive reworks and last-minute delays.
  • Helps in avoiding fines by fulfilling all regulatory requirements.
  • Helps in maintaining your brand image by ensuring the delivery of high-quality products to your clients.
  • PSI inspection avoid misrouting/misplacement of your products.

Why do you need QC Experts for Pre-Shipment Inspections?

Inspection of manufactured products before they are shipped is time-sensitive and complex. Since its introduction in 1994, PSI has been guided by the Agreement on Pre-Shipment Inspection and other agreements under the World Trade Organization (WTO). These agreements seek to improve international trade standards and include several obligations that guide PSI inspectors. This is why you need to hire certified experts guided by non-discrimination, transparency, confidentiality, and other principles stipulated in the agreements.

Also, regulatory requirements are dynamic and vary depending on the product and the destination market. Kailipu can help you ensure your shipment complies with the latest and most appropriate product quality regulations. To evaluate every item during product inspection, QC experts use a pre-shipment inspection checklist.

Looking for professional Pre-shipment Inspection services in China? Let Kailipu be your first choice.


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