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Rigging hardware manufacturer in China

RIGGING HARDWARE also know as lifting fitting, chain and wire rope fitting, lifting accessories.

What is rigging hardware? Rigging hardware is the equipment that attaches rigging to loads and combines it into a system that can safely support heavy objects. It includes turnbuckles, shackles, lifting eye bolts and nuts, eye clevis hook, connect link, master link, yoke and clevis ends, and more.Rigging hardware supplier China exporter The difference between rigging and lifting Rigging is used on most construction sites to move and place materials. Lifting refers to machines such as boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts and other types of man-lifts and aerial-lifts which are used to move crew members or material around a site Where to Source Rigging Equipment? Qingdao Kailipu is specialized in Rigging Hardware, Chains, Polyester webbing slings, Ratchet Tie down and winches, etc You can get One stop procurement of Rigging and lifting items here.