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What Is Double Loop Chain?

A double-loop chain typically refers to a type of chain that forms two loops or circles along its length. This design allows for versatility in applications where the chain needs to be attached or connected at various points. Double-loop chains come in different materials, sizes, and configurations, and they are used for a variety of purposes in different industries.

Application Of Double Loop Chains

Decorative Applications: In decorative or ornamental settings, double-loop chains are often used for hanging plants, decorative lighting, or other aesthetic purposes. The double-loop design allows for easy attachment at both ends, providing a visually appealing and functional solution.
Swing Sets: Double-loop chains are commonly used in the construction of swing sets. The loops can be attached to swing seats and the frame, providing a secure connection while allowing for movement.
Lifting and Rigging: In some lifting and rigging applications, double-loop chains may be used to create adjustable connections. The loops can be employed to attach hooks, links, or other hardware, offering flexibility in the setup.
Tie-Downs: Double-loop chains can be used in tie-down applications where the chain needs to be secured around or through an object. The loops provide options for connecting to anchor points, creating a secure tie-down.
Safety Chains for Trailers: In the context of trailers, especially for towing purposes, safety chains are often used to provide an additional level of security in case the main coupling fails. Some safety chains have a double-loop design, allowing for easy attachment to the trailer and tow vehicle.

Steel Link Chain Manufacturer in China

Weldless chains is also call a seamless chain or unwelded chains. As it’s name, their links are secure together by machine twisting or bending rather than by welding. And we use them in a variety of applications and industries. Such as plumbing, lighting, farming, aerospace and hardware.

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