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Kailipu is a leading lifting chain Accessories supplier and exporter in China. We manufacture welded link chain, rigging hardware, wire rope, polyester webbing sling and truck winch items in a variety of different sizes and materials to best meet your needs. Our products include all kinds of lifting slings and cargo lashing products on the market. At the same time, we can also provide customized processing according to your needs. We strive to provide you with top-quality products at an affordable price with fast shipping.

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Industries where our products are mainly used:

Our products are commonly used in Oil & GasMiningCranes & IndustrialStructuresFishing & MarineCableways & Forestry industries.

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Which markets are our products suitable for?

lifting chain accessories supplier

We export to North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Southeast Asia markets. Through these customers, we understand the product standards that apply in each market, resulting in high-quality products.

Physical Display of Our Products:

Lifting Chain Accessories Supplier From China

Kailipu is a leading manufacturer and exporter of wire rope fittings, rigging hardwarewelded chainpolyester webbingtruck winch and cargo lashing accessories in China. We are located in the rigging centre of China-Qingdao, which is the earliest city in China to start rigging production. And through years of accumulation in the rigging and lifting industry, we currently have the most comprehensive product management system and the highest quality supply chain system.

We strive to offer buyers around the world the best products and services to help their businesses succeed. Our clients range from large traders – distributors to chain stores. Each customer is our first priority.

Lifting Chain Accessories

Lifting chain accessories refers to a range of components and attachments used in conjunction with lifting chains for the purpose of hoisting and transporting heavy loads. These accessories play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and versatility of lifting operations.

Some Common Lifting Chain Accessories

1. Hooks: These are attached to the ends of lifting chains to secure and lift the load. Hooks come in various types, such as grab hooks, sling hooks, and eye hooks, each designed for specific applications.
2. Master Links: Master links connect the ends of lifting chains and provide a central point for attaching hooks or other lifting devices. They are essential for creating a strong and secure connection in the lifting chain assembly.
3. Connecting Links: These links join two lengths of lifting chain, extending the overall length when needed. Connecting links are crucial for adapting the lifting setup to different load sizes and shapes.
4. Chain Slings: While not exactly an accessory, chain slings are a complete assembly of lifting chains, hooks, and other attachments designed for lifting and securing heavy loads. They are versatile and come in various configurations to suit different lifting requirements.
5. Load Binders: Used to secure and tighten the lifting chain around the load, load binders are essential for maintaining tension and preventing slippage during lifting.
6. Shackles: These U-shaped metal components with a pin or bolt across the opening are used to connect different components of the lifting assembly, such as attaching lifting chains to the load or connecting different lengths of chain.
7. Swivels: Swivels are used to prevent the lifting chain from twisting during a lift, allowing for better load control and stability.
8. Thimbles: Thimbles are used to protect the lifting chain from wear and abrasion at connection points, such as when passing through shackles.

Lifting Chain & Accessories Supplier and exporter in China-Kailipu

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