A turnbuckle is a type of hardware used for adjusting the tension or length of ropes, cables, rods, or other tensioning systems. Turnbuckle hardware is used in various industries, including construction, marine, agriculture, and theatrical rigging. It provides a versatile and convenient way to adjust and maintain tension in different applications. The choice of turnbuckle hardware depends on factors such as load capacity, material strength, and environmental conditions.

China Turnbuckles Exporter

As a leading manufacturer in China, Kailipu specializes in providing high-quality turnbuckle. We supply US drop forged,DIN standard and commercial type turnbuckle for the most. Among them, the HG-223, HG-225, HG-228, DIN1480 are the most representative. Our specifications range from 6mm to 40mm, which covers almost all sizes you will need. We take pride in crafting rigging turnbuckle hardware that set industry standards for reliability and performance. Our commitment to excellence is embedded in every part. If you are looking for a professional rigging hardware supplier, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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