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Webbing Material Used For Web Slings and Ratchet Straps

The webbing material used for web slings and ratchet straps is often made from synthetic fibers, with polyester and nylon being the most common choices. Both materials have distinct characteristics that make them suitable for lifting and securing applications

Poyester webbing & Nylon Webbing

1. Polyester Webbing:

High Strength: Polyester is known for its high tensile strength, making it well-suited for lifting heavy loads in web slings.
Durability: Polyester webbing is resistant to abrasion, providing durability and longevity in various applications.
Low Stretch: Polyester generally has low stretch properties, maintaining stability during lifting operations.
UV Resistance: Polyester is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays, making it suitable for outdoor use in web slings and ratchet straps.

2. Nylon Webbing:

High Strength and Stretch: Nylon has high tensile strength, similar to polyester, but it also has more stretch. This can be advantageous in certain lifting applications.
Durability: Nylon webbing is durable and resistant to abrasion, ensuring longevity in various conditions.
Chemical Resistance: Nylon has good resistance to many chemicals, enhancing its suitability for different industrial environments.
Shock Absorption: The stretch and elasticity of nylon provide some shock absorption, which can be beneficial in applications where sudden loading may occur.

Professional Polyester Webbing Supplier in China

Kailipu specialize in the supply and export of lifting, rigging and material handling equipment and accessories. Including lifting webbing sling, rigging hardwarechainwire ropepulley blocks and so on. And we supply various kinds of poly webbings. Among them, the webbings for web sling and ratchet tie down are the most representative.

Poly webbing is durable and similar in aesthetic to nylon. This material is suitable for use for applications that require lifting heavy loads. Meanwhile. poly webbing has low water-absorption and is more mildew and rot-resistant than nylon.

We have a full set of webbing production equipment, which can produce various standard types. Meanwhile, we can also do custom production according to your size. If you are looking for a high-quality and stable polyester webbing supplier, let the Kailipu be your first choice. We will work with you to make better lifting, rigging and material handling products.

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