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Tie Down Chain

The tie down chain is usually referred to as a Grade 70 chain, which is made of heat-treated carbon steel. As the name suggests, it is used as a tie-down device on trailers, so it is also known as a transport chain or a trucker’s chain. A tie down chain, similar to a rigging chain, is designed for securing and fastening loads during transportation. Tie down chains are commonly used in the cargo and transportation industry to secure items on trucks, trailers, flatbeds, or other vehicles to prevent them from shifting or falling during transit. These chains are typically used in conjunction with straps, binders, or tensioners to create a secure and stable tie-down system. Grade 70 chain tie down chains are easy to identify because they are usually finished with gold chromate. In addition to transportation, it is commonly used in towing, logging and safety chain applications.

Key Features Of Tie-Down Chains

Key features of tie-down chains may include:

Strength and Durability: Tie-down chains are constructed from strong and durable materials to withstand the forces exerted during transportation. They are often made from alloy steel for high strength and resistance to wear and corrosion.

End Fittings: Tie-down chains come with end fittings or connectors that allow them to be easily attached to anchor points on a vehicle or trailer. These end fittings may include hooks, grab hooks, or other types of attachments that provide a secure connection.

Working Load Limit (WLL): Tie-down chains are rated for a specific working load limit, which indicates the maximum load that the chain is designed to handle under normal use. It is crucial to choose tie-down chains with an appropriate WLL for the weight of the cargo being transported.

Compliance: Tie-down chains should comply with relevant regulations and standards, such as those set by the Department of Transportation (DOT) or other regulatory bodies depending on the region.

Safety: Proper use of tie-down chains is essential for the safety of both the cargo and other road users. This includes ensuring that the chains are correctly tensioned and that the load is adequately secured.

Professional Transport Chain Manufacturer in China

Kailipu is a primary tie down chain supplier and exporter in China. And we supply various kinds of welded chains. Among them, the Grade 70 standard NACM2010, ASTM A413, AS4344 are the most representative.

We have a full set of chain production equipment, which can produce various standard types. Meanwhile, we can also do custom production according to your size. If you are looking for a professional transport chain supplier, let Kailipu be your first choice.

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