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The Ultimate Guide To Retractable Straps

The Ultimate Guide to retractable straps Introduction Whether you’re moving furniture, securing a motorcycle, or transporting equipment, retractable straps are an essential tool for ensuring

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shackle sizes

Shackle Sizes And Capacity

Shackles are one of the most common rigging accessories. They come in different sizes to accommodate various load capacities. Therefore, the size of a shackle

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spreader bar china supplier

Types of Spreader Bars

Spreader bars are typically use in lifting and rigging operations. It can provide support and balance when lifting heavy loads. They consist of a rigid

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types of wire rope clips

Types of wire rope clips

1.Definition of Wire Rope Clamps Wire rope clips or clamps are one of the most common wire rope fittings and rigging hardware. And we mainly

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Precautions for using rigging

Precautions for using metal rigging

Metal rigging is an essential component of many applications, including construction, transportation,oil & gas, fishing & marine, cableways & forestry.. However, working with metal rigging

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China Rigging Accessories Manufacturer

KAILIPU is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Rigging, Lifting, Lashing & Material Handling Equipment in China. Our manufacturing efforts is based in Qingdao with full factory facilities to design, manufacture and maintain all types of rigging and lifting equipment, which include but not limited to:

  • Rigging Hardware such as Shackles,Turnbuckles,Wire Rope Clips,G43/70 Chain Hooks,G80 Hooks,Master Links,Chain Binders,Eye Bolts & Hoist Rings, Snap Hooks.
  • Chain and Chain Slings from 6mm to 32mm diameter.
  • Webbing and Webbing Slings from 1” to 12” Width.
  • Wire Rope and Wire Rope Slings from 2mm diameter to 60mm diameter, Splicing wire ropes by hand. The Steel Wire Ropes of almost all constructions and Grades, such as 6 x 19, 6 x 25 ( FI ), 6 x 36, Non-Rotating Wire ropes 18 x 7, 19 x 7, 17 x 7, 18 x 19, 37 x 7, 34 x 7 etc. Fibre Core, IWRC & IWSC, Galvanized & Ungalvanized, IPS & EIPS Grade, Ordinary, and Lang’s Lay, Right Hand, Left Hand, Alternate lay and Compacted.
  • Wire Rope Fittings. Such as ,Wire Rope Ferrule,Wire Rope Thimble.
  • Blocks and End Fittings For Wire Rope and Chain.
  • Chain Blocks, Chain Hoists, and Lever Hoists – Wide range and make.

We can manufacture rigging accessories to meet various international market standards. If you have a requirement not included above, please do not hesitate to contact KAILIPU for further assistance. Kailipu will work with you to make better rigging products.

What Is Rigging Accessories?

Rigging accessories also know as rigging equipment component,refer to a variety of tools and equipment used in the process of rigging, which is the arrangement and manipulation of ropes, chains, slings, and other components to lift and move heavy objects. These accessories are crucial for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of lifting operations. Rigging is commonly used in construction, industrial settings, shipbuilding, and various other applications where heavy loads need to be lifted, lowered, or transported.

3 Common Types Of Rigging Equipment

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1. Wire rope slings

Wire rope slings are an important type of lifting sling commonly used in various industries for lifting and securing heavy loads. They are made from high-strength steel wires twisted together to form a flexible and strong rope. Wire rope slings are highly durable, versatile, and well-suited for a wide range of lifting applications.

2. Polyester Webbing Slings

Polyester webbing slings, also known as web slings or lifting slings. They are a type of lifting and securing equipment used to lift and move heavy loads in a wide range of industrial applications. These slings are made from high-strength polyester fibers, woven together to form a flat and flexible strap. Polyester webbing slings are popular for their versatility, strength, and ease of use.


3. Chain slings

Chain slings are the most common type of lifting and rigging equipment. They are used in various industries to lift and move heavy loads safely and securely. These slings are constructed from high-strength alloy steel chains, making them extremely durable and suitable for heavy-duty lifting applications. Chain slings consist of multiple links and various end fittings for attachment to lifting equipment. 


Our Product Range

Looking for great china rigging accessories manufacturer? Let Kailipu be your first choice. Browse our website or contact our team at [email protected], Kailipu will work with you to make better rigging and lifting accessories.