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What Is Steel Wire Rope?

Wire ropes also known as steel wire rope, steel cables. And we mainly use them in hauling and lashing heavy duty cargo. It is an advanced engineering product that can find use in many areas such as mines, oil drilling wells, constructions, bridges, stadiums, etc. Steel wire ropes are manufactured to withstand very high weights. Many rope knitting techniques have been developed to increase durability.

Classification Of Wire Ropes

Steel wire ropes are classified based on various factors, including their construction, purpose, and application. The classifications help users select the most suitable wire rope for a specific use, taking into consideration factors such as strength, flexibility, resistance to abrasion, and environmental conditions. 

Here are some common classifications of steel wire ropes:

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Construction Type: 

Strand-Laid Ropes: These are made by twisting together multiple wire strands in one or more layers. They are known for their flexibility and are commonly used in general applications.
Rotation-Resistant Ropes: Constructed with special designs to reduce or eliminate spinning or rotation under load. These are often used in applications where stability and control are crucial, such as crane operations.

Core Type:

Fiber Core (FC): The core is made of natural or synthetic fibers. Fiber core ropes are more flexible but have less strength compared to those with a steel core.
Independent Wire Rope Core (IWRC): The core is made of a separate set of wires, providing additional strength. IWRC ropes are known for their higher breaking strength and resistance to crushing.

Purpose or Application:

Hoisting Ropes: Designed for lifting and hoisting applications, such as those used in cranes and elevators.
Mining Ropes: Specifically engineered for the harsh conditions of mining operations, providing durability and resistance to abrasion.
Marine Ropes: Designed for use in maritime environments, offering corrosion resistance to saltwater and other harsh conditions.

Surface Coating:

Galvanized Ropes: The wire strands are coated with zinc for corrosion resistance, making them suitable for outdoor and marine applications.
Bright or Ungalvanized Ropes: Ropes without a protective coating, often used in indoor applications where corrosion is less of a concern.

Professional China Wire Rope Supplies

Kailipu supplies various kinds of steel wire ropes. Among them, the 6×7, 6×19, 6×24 are the most representative.

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