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Professional Welded Chains Manufacturer in China

Kailipu is a top welded chains manufacturer and exporter in China. We supply various kinds of welded chains. Among them, the lifting chain, transport chain, hardware chain and marine chains are the most representative. Also, we produce a variety of specifications and tonnage, which covers almost all sizes you will need.

According to the different performance of the chain, we usually divide them into overhead Lifting and non-overhead Lifting.

We have a full production line, not only can produce the standard type, but also do custom production. If you are looking for professional welded chains manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll Help Your Welded Chain Business Succeed.

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The lifting chain is made of high-quality alloy steel. Such as manganese steel, etc. They combined with some surface treatment processes to meet certain use requirements. And the surface treatment include: polishing, blackening, dipping, painting, hot-dip galvanizing, electroplating, Dacromet, etc.

The effect of the blackening process is to make the chain surface beautiful and not easy to corrode and rust. And the function of the hot-dip galvanizing is to form an alloy layer between the zinc and the substrate, thereby enhancing the adhesion of the zinc coating.

The material of the Grade 70 chain is carbon steel and heat-treated. And it has a recognizable golden chromate finish. Also, It is a trucker’s chain, built for fastening and placing. But it’s definitely not for carrying loads in high places. So we can’t use it for overhead lifting.

We all know that stainless steel has the best corrosion resistance. So it’s very suitable for ships and other corrosive environments; As for the alloy steel, its strength, hardness, plasticity and toughness is the best, so we use it to make lifting chains. Such as G80 EN818-2 lifting chain; And the last is carbon steel, which is the most widely used material. They are suitable for most purposes other than lifting, such as binding, transportation, towing and so on.


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