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Kailipu is a top weldless chains manufacturer and supplier in China. And we supply various kinds of weldless chains. Among them, the DIN5686 Knotted chain, Double loop chain and Decorator chains are the most representative.

Weldless chains is also known as a seamless chain or unwelded chainare chains. As it’s named, their links are secured together by machine twisting or bending rather than by welding. And we use them in a variety of applications and industries. Such as plumbing, lighting, farming, aerospace and hardware.

We have a full set of chain production equipment, which can produce various standard types. Meanwhile, we can also do custom production according to your size. If you are looking for professional welded and weldless chains manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll Help Your Chains and Accessories Business Succeed.

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Double Loop Chain is a versatile non-welded chain that combines flexibility and strength. And this general utility chain is ideal for a wide variety of uses. Such as animal restraints, gates, porch swings, playgrounds, padlock chains, boat chains, and fixture hanging, etc.

Single jack chain is a type of weldless chain. And it is thin wire material and figure-eight-shaped links. In addition, a single jack chain is ideal for hanging light fixtures, signs and novelties such as flower pots, children’s toys and other general utility applications.

Weldless chains are chains with links that are secured together by machine twisting or bending rather than by welding. Here are a few common types such as decorator chains, sash chains, singe jack chains, KNOTTED CHAIN, and DOUBLE LOOP CHAIN.

As its name suggests weldless chain is a type of chain that has no welding in between. However, a welded chain is produced by welding the links together to form one solid piece of metal. And welded chain exhibits high strength characteristics. And it is suitable for use in heavy industrial applications. Such as construction, mining, logging, and manufacturing,etc.

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