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Wire Rope Clips

Carbon Hooks

G80 Hooks

G80 Links

Load Binders

Bolt & Ring

Ferrules & Sleeves


Snap Hooks

Swivels & Links

China Rigging Accessories Manufacturer

Kailipu is China’s top quality rigging accessories supplier and exporter. We supply various kinds of rigging and material handling accessories. Among them, the shackles, hooks, wire rope clips, turnbuckles, and load binders are the most representative. Also, we produce a variety of specifications and tonnage, which covers almost all sizes you will need.

Our wide range is in constant development with products guaranteed to meet the strictest and most recent market standards. As we carry large stocks, most orders will be delivered within days, including all you might require in terms of certification and traceability.

We promise to always be an honest, transparent and professional partner, as we always put the needs of our customers first.
So, if you are interested in getting associated with us and have the same vision as ours, please contact us for further details so we can venture into countless endeavors together.

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