Spreader bars are typically use in lifting and rigging operations. It can provide support and balance when lifting heavy loads. They consist of a rigid bar or beam with attachment points at each end for connecting to lifting equipment such as cranes or hoists.

Some common types of spreader bar:

The type of spreader bars used can vary depending on the specific application and requirements. Here are some common types of spreader bars:

Straight Bar

Straight spreader bars are the most basic type, consisting of a straight beam with attachment points at each end. It provides a simple and direct means of lifting and spreading loads evenly.

Adjustable Spreader Bar

This type of spreader bars allows for adjusting the length to accommodate different load sizes. It typically consists of telescopic sections that can be extended or retracted to suit the lifting requirements.

Lifting Beam

A lifting beam is a spreader bar with a central lifting point on the top surface. It is designe to provide a more stable lifting platform for loads that have a single attachment point or need to be lifted from the center.

In addition to the above three, there are Basket Sling Spreader BarsAdjustable Sling Spreader Bars, Modular Spreader Bars. These are some common types of spreader bars, but there may be variations and specialized designs depending on specific industrial or lifting applications. It’s essential to consult industry standards and regulations and consider the specific lifting requirements when selecting spreader bars for a particular task.

Regardless of the type of bar, we can also designe and processe according to the specific usage scenario. More professional services, please e-mail our specialists at [email protected] for assistance.