The Basics of Wire Rope Clamps: A Comprehensive Guide

Wire rope clips or clamp are one of the most common wire rope fittings and rigging hardware. And we mainly use it for wire rope terminal head fixed connection and binding rope fixed. From it’s structure, we can divide it into three parts: the base (clamp body), U-shaped bolt, nut. (saddle, U-bolt, nut).

How Many Cable Clamps On Wire Rope?

In general, the number of rope clips should not be less than 3-5. The distance between rope clips should be greater than or equal to 6 times the diameter of the wire rope. The distance between the last clip and the end of the rope should be greater than or equal to 140mm. The number of clips depends on the diameter of the wire rope.
1. ≤19mm, set 3 pieces,
2. 19-32mm, set 4,
3. 32-38mm, set 5,
4. 38-44mm, set 6,
5. 44-60mm, set 7 pieces.
how many cable clamps on wire rope-

Precautions When Using Cable Clamps

The following points should be paid attention to when using the wire rope clamp:
1. The size of the clamp should be suitable for the thickness of the wire rope. The inner clearance of the U-shaped ring should be 1-3mm larger than the diameter of the wire rope. If the clearance is too large, it is difficult to clamp the rope. Accidents are prone to occur.
2. When tightening the chuck, be sure to tighten the bolts until the rope is flattened by ⅓ to ¼ in diameter, and after the rope is stressed, tighten the bolts of the chuck again to ensure that the joint is firm and reliable.
3. The collets should be arranged in a straight line, and the U-shaped part is in contact with the rope head, and cannot be in contact with the main rope, as shown in Figure a. If the U-shaped part is in contact with the main rope, after the main rope is crushed, it is easy to break the wire when it is stressed.
4. In order to check whether the joint is reliable and find out whether the wire rope is slipping, install another chuck about 500mm behind the last chuck, and release the rope head into a “safety bend”, as shown in Figure b. In this way, when the wire rope of the joint slips, the “safety bend” is first straightened, and measures should be taken immediately.
how many cable clamps on wire rope
It’s important to note that these are general guidelines and might vary based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, the type of wire rope, the load-bearing capacity required, and any relevant safety regulations or standards in your region. It’s always recommended to refer to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer of the cable clamps and the wire rope, as well as any applicable industry standards, to ensure proper installation and safety. If you’re unsure, it’s a good idea to consult with a professional who has experience with wire rope installations.

The Installation Of Wire Rope Clips

Wire rope clips are commonly used in various applications, including rigging, construction, marine, and industrial settings. They provide a reliable and straightforward way to terminate or create a loop in a wire rope. The installation of a wire rope clip follows a specific process to ensure proper performance and safety. Here are the general steps:
1. Positioning: Position the U-clamp around the wire rope where the loop or connection is desired.
2. Saddle Placement: Place the saddle plate on top of the wire rope, centered over the U-bolt.
3. Nuts Installation: Screw the two nuts onto the threaded ends of the U-bolt and tighten them alternately. Ensure they are tightened to the specified torque, following the manufacturer’s guidelines.
4. Check Tightness: After installation, check the tightness of the nuts regularly, especially during the initial period of use and periodically thereafter, to ensure they remain secure.
The installation of cable clamps for wire rope
The installation of cable clamps for wire rope

What Is The Recommended Type Of Wire Rope Clamps?

The recommended type of wire rope clamp depends on the specific application and requirements of your project. Wire rope clamps, also known as wire rope clips or cable clamps, are used to create a loop or an eye termination in wire rope by clamping the loose end of the wire back onto the standing part of the wire.
There are generally types of wire rope clamps:
1. US Type Malleable wire rope clips 450D11
It it suitable for market like the United States and North American countries. And the surface is electroplated blue and white zinc. Also the body is cast malleable steel
2. US forged type 450D12
This type requires better corrosion resistance. So the surface is usually fully hot-dip galvanize or only body HDG
3. DIN741 Wire Rope Clip Malleable. This is the most common style. And the body is malleable steel, which looks rough. And it’s available in with and without grooves
4. DIN1142 Wire Rope Clip Malleable, Its body looks a little wider and its surface is mostly colored zinc

How To Choose The Right Wire Rope Clamps?

When selecting a wire rope clamp, consider the following factors:
Application: Determine the specific use of the wire rope assembly. Is it for lifting, rigging, suspension, or something else? Critical applications like lifting demand higher-quality clamps.
Load and Working Conditions: Consider the expected load the wire rope will bear. Heavier loads and dynamic conditions may require more secure clamps.
Material: Clamps are typically made of materials like steel or stainless steel. The material choice depends on the environmental conditions (corrosion resistance) and load requirements.
Safety Standards: If your application involves lifting, make sure the clamps meet relevant safety standards and regulations.
Installation: Some clamps require more precise installation than others. If installation is complex, you might need specialized tools.
Manufacturer Recommendations: Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the specific type of wire rope clamp you choose.
In critical applications or situations involving heavy loads or potential safety risks, consulting with a professional engineer or a qualified rigging specialist is recommended to ensure you select the appropriate type of wire rope clamp and installation method for your specific needs.

What You Need To Know About The Purchase And Import Of Wire Rope Clips?

What is the HS code for wire rope clamp?

The HS code for wire rope clamps typically falls under chapter 73 (“Articles of Iron or Steel”) or chapter 83 (“Miscellaneous Articles of Base Metal”) of the HS code system. For example, the HS code of the card head in China is 7326909000. In the category of “Other non-industrial articles of iron and steel”. This code is applicable to most hardware rigging. However, to obtain the precise HS code for wire rope clamps, you should consult the tariff schedule of the country you are importing or exporting to, as the code might have variations based on the product’s design, material, and other factors.

Precautions in Purchasing

1. Unlike most rigging hardware, most wire rope clamps are not tested for tension. We can usually do a torque test for the clips. That is to say, whether the clamp head has enough force to clamp the wire rope. This is very important, but its often overlooked by many purchases.

2. The body of many types of clamps is made of Malleable steel. This kind of price is low, but it is also relatively easy to rust. A little rust will occur on the galvanized layer in the rainy season or in a humid environment, that is, the surface of the galvanized layer white rust. This is not uncommon. Therefore, when purchasing in bulk, it is best to ask the supplier to pack it with a brand-new electroplated clamps. At the same time, pay attention to placing it in a dry environment.

3. Choice of packaging: The most economical packaging for the wire rope clips is a woven bag (about 50*40cm). In addition, there are plastic bags or inner boxes + cartons suitable for retail, heat-sealed cards suitable for supermarket hanging, etc. When purchasing, you can make the best choice according to the needs and costs of your target customers.

4. Finally, it is very important to choose a reliable supplier.

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