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Rigging supplies and sling hooks are essential components in various industries, including construction, maritime, manufacturing, and more. Sling hooks are particularly important in lifting and rigging operations where heavy loads need to be safely lifted, moved, or secured. Qingdao Kailipu is a significant global supplier of rigging supplies and equipment, including sling hooks. As a top manufacturer in China, Kailipu often produces a wide range of rigging hardware, including hooks, shackles, wire ropes, chains, and more.


Sling Hook China Manufacturer


Clevis Sling Hook China Manufacturer
Clevis Sling Hook China Manufacturer
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10-8 0.95 3.15 12.6 13 49 39 46 35 104
13-8 1.8 5.3 21.2 16.5 56.5 47 56 42.5 128
16-8 3.4 8 32 21.5 70.5 55 60 54 150
20-8 6 12.5 50 24 77 61 79 58 180
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Products Description

A G80 clevis sling hook is a specific type of lifting and rigging hardware that’s designed to be used with chain slings in heavy-duty lifting applications. The “G80” designation refers to a particular grade of alloy steel that’s commonly used in manufacturing these hooks. This grade signifies the quality and strength of the material, and G80 is a widely recognized standard in the lifting industry.


Features and Details About sling hook

1. Grade 80 Alloy Steel: G80 clevis sling hooks are made from alloy steel that meets specific mechanical and performance requirements. This steel is known for its high strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear.
2. Latch or Safety Mechanism: Many G80 clevis sling hooks come with a latch or safety mechanism that helps prevent accidental disengagement of the chain sling. This latch adds an extra layer of security during lifting operations.
3. Working Load Limit (WLL): Each G80 clevis sling hook is rated with a working load limit, which is the maximum load the hook is designed to safely handle under normal conditions. It’s crucial to choose a hook with an appropriate working load limit for your lifting application to ensure safety.
4. Size and Capacity Options: G80 clevis sling hooks are available in various sizes and capacities to accommodate different lifting needs. The size and capacity of the hook depend on factors like the diameter of the chain, the load to be lifted, and the lifting configuration.
5. Compliance and Standards: G80 clevis sling hooks should meet relevant industry standards and regulations for lifting equipment. Properly manufactured hooks will have markings indicating the manufacturer’s name, size, grade, working load limit, and other relevant information.
6. Rigging Applications: G80 clevis sling hooks are commonly used in heavy lifting applications, such as in construction, manufacturing, mining, and marine industries. They are especially suitable for use with chain slings for lifting, securing, and moving heavy loads.

Sourcing Rigging Supplies, Sling Hooks From China

When sourcing rigging supplies, including sling hook, from China, it’s important to consider factors such as:
1. Quality Assurance: Look for manufacturers with a reputation for producing high-quality rigging supplies that meet relevant industry standards and regulations. 
2. Material and Design: Ensure that the sling hooks are made from appropriate materials, such as alloy steel, and designed to handle the intended loads and conditions. The design and construction should align with safety standards and guidelines.
3. Customization: Depending on your specific needs, you might require customized sling hooks. Check if the manufacturer offers customization options in terms of size, capacity, and design.
4. Price and Value: While price is a consideration, prioritize value and quality over the lowest cost. Cheap, low-quality rigging supplies can compromise safety and performance.
5. Communication and Support: Effective communication with the supplier is crucial. Ensure they can address your inquiries promptly and provide the necessary technical support.
6. Shipping and Logistics: Consider logistics and shipping costs, as well as lead times, when importing rigging supplies from China.
7. Regulations and Compliance: Familiarize yourself with import regulations and compliance requirements in your country to ensure smooth customs clearance and adherence to safety standards.

Rigging Supplies Sling Hook China Leading Manufacturer

Kailipu is a top rated rigging supplies sling hook China manufacturer and supplier. We supply various kinds of sling hooks. Among them, the clevis sling hook, self-locking safety hooks are the most representative. Also we produce a variety of specifications and tonnage, which covers almost all sizes you will need.
Rigging supplies sling hook, also called rigging lifting hooks. It is a common rigging hardware in. Different from other rigging hooks, the material is high-quality alloy steel, which has higher tensile strength. So it is widely used in lifting operations. Meanwhile, according to different hoisting objects, we have multiple types of rigging and sling hook supplies for you to choose from.
We also have a full production line. Not only can produce the standard type, but also do custom production. If you are looking for professional rigging supplies sling hook china manufacturer and supplier, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]
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