Welcome to Kailipu.

Kailipu is a professional supplier of rigging and lifting products in China. It is one of the earliest companies in China to start rigging production. Through years of accumulation in the rigging and hoisting industry, we currently have the most complete product management system and high-quality supply chain management system.
Kailipu manufactures and exports all kinds of rigging hardwares, welding chains, polyester webbing products and truck winches. We also have a full line of production equipment to provide customized processing services for metal parts, including forging, casting, CNC machining, and stamping. Can provide you with high-quality OEM/ODM services.
Here you can get any rigging products and solutions you want.

Our team is working together to provide customers with the most cost-effective products and the most sincere service. We will customize product solutions and services for each customer, regardless of product quality, packaging design or delivery date, we will fully cooperate to make you worry-free.At kailipu, it’s not just about lifting products, it’s about working with a trusted partner who is invested in your success.

China supplier and exporter of Rigging hardware, welded chain, polyester webbing and truck winches.