Lifting rigging categories

What kinds of lifting riggings are included?

Lifting rigging is divided into three categories: wire rope rigging, chain rigging and lifting webbing sling. Although there are large differences between these riggings, they are indispensable tools in the lifting process, so we should choose according to different use scenarios.


Application of different lifting rigging

Let’s take a look at the wire rope rigging first. The wire rope rigging is a rigging composed of wire rope as the core, with hooks, rings, connect links, etc. The wire rope has the characteristics of wear resistance and wide use. When you buy this kind of rigging, you can observe the diameter and length of the wire rope. Usually, the larger the diameter of the wire rope, the stronger the strength, and the more heavy objects that can be lifted.


Then let’s take a look at the chain rigging. The chain rigging is mainly made of lifting chains, with hooks and rings as auxiliary lifting appliances. It has a large bearing capacity and good safety. It is very suitable for large tonnage Lifting work. When choosing a chain rigging, it is important to look at the diameter of the chain ring itself, the inner diameter of the chain ring and the length of the chain, the load capacity of the chain, the safety factor of the chain and other information. 

The last is the lifting webbing sling. The lifting webbing sling is mostly made of synthetic fibers(100% polyester), with soft texture, good plasticity and good toughness.There are different widths and lengths and tons to choose from. It is suitable for hoisting some objects with smooth edges.


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