Load binders, also known as chain binders, are tools used to secure cargo to a trailer by tightening it via a chain. They come in various types designed to secure different types of loads during transportation.

The two most used types of binders are ratchet binders and lever binders.

Ratchet Binders

A ratchet binder also know as ratchet chain binder, uses two types of simple machines and has two tension hooks on each end and handle. The handle again serves as a lever plus there is the screw thread. Having both simple machines can multiply the force manually applied to the tie down assembly.

Ratchet binders are preferred for heavy-duty loads as they provide greater tensioning capabilities. They are the most widely used type of load binders.

Types and specifications of ratchet binder

Ratchet binders and are suitable for many general applications. They typically have a working load limit (WLL) ranging from 2,600 lbs to 13,000 lbs or more, depending on the size and design.

They usually come in four types as pictured below:

types of ratchet load binder

Lever Binders

Lever Binders (also known as Snap Binders): Lever binders use a lever to tighten the chain and secure the load. They are generally easier to operate than ratchet binders but may not offer the same tensioning capacity for very heavy loads.

Types and specifications of lever binder

Like the ratchet load binder, the lever binder also comes in four sizes. They typically have a working load limit (WLL) ranging from around 2,200 lbs to 13,000 lbs.

They ususlly comes in two types as below:

types of load binder
types of load binder

The above are the more common types of load binder. Each type of load binder has its advantages and limitations. When choosing a ratchet binder, it’s essential to consider the Working Load Limit (WLL), Chain Size Compatibility and Handle Length. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and industry safety standards when using ratchet binders to secure loads.

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