1.Definition of Wire Rope Clamps

Wire rope clips or clamps are one of the most common wire rope fittings and rigging hardware. And we mainly use it for wire rope terminal head fixed connection and binding rope fixed. From it’s structure, we can divide it into three parts: the base (clamp body), U-shaped bolt, nut. (saddle, U-bolt, nut).

Also in order to prevent the bending radius of the wire rope from too small and causing damage to the wire rope. We usually combine it with a rope thimble to use it in electric power, cranes, ships, mine transportation, construction, etc.

Wire rope clips China

2.Types of Wire Rope Clips Produced in China

There are many types of wire rope clips, according to national standards, there are American, German, China, Japanese, Italian, Australian, British, etc.
We currently export more US Type Malleable wire rope clips 450D11, US forged type 450D12, DIN741, DIN1142, Type A, Type B. And people who don’t know much about the calmps will think that they all look the same and it seems difficult to distinguish them.

Now let’s put them together and we’ll see how they differ slightly.

1. US Type Malleable wire rope clips 450D11
It it suitable for market like the United States and North American countries. And the surface is electroplated blue and white zinc. Also the body is cast malleable steel
2. US forged type 450D12
This type requires better corrosion resistance. So the surface is usually fully hot-dip galvanize or only body HDG
Wire rope clips China
3. DIN741 Wire Rope Clip Malleable. This is the most common style. And the body is malleable steel, which looks rough. And it’s available in with and without grooves
Wire rope clips China
4. DIN1142 Wire Rope Clip Malleable, Its body looks a little wider and its surface is mostly colored zinc
5. Malleable Wire Rope Clips Type A
It looks similar to US forge type 450D11, but its surface treatment is usually plated with blue and white zinc or color zinc
6. G-429 US Type Drop Forged Fist Grip Clip Wire Rope Termination This style is the easiest to distinguish, isn’t it?

As you can see above, they are very common styles in the market. Moreover, there are some types that are part of the rope clamp category. For instance, single and double Wire Rope clips (Simplex and Duplex Grip) their pictures are as follows:

7. Duplex Wire Rope Grip/Double Wire Rope Clip

8. Simplex Wire Rope Grip/Single Wire Rope Clip

in conclusion

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