D-Ring Shackle with Isolator is a more convenient and practical off-road towing accessory for trucks. At present, the most commonly used size is 3/4 “with a tension of 4.75 tons. It has made some appearance and functional improvements on the basis of ordinary US type G209 bow shackles.The upgraded design gives it extremely high durability and service life.

The Main design highlights:

Compared with ordinary shackles, its main design highlights:

  1. Its colors are more diverse, we can do all kinds of colors you like instead of just the surface appearance of metal.
  2. The shackle pin is equippe with some rubber ring isolator, which fills the distance between the connection point and the middle of the shackle for good noise reduction.
  3. A protective isolator that perfectly fits the shackle body put inside the shackle. And we can see that at the bow-shape stress point of the shackle, surface friction is often caused here, and the surface of the paint is not beautiful, and it will also increase the loss of the shackle. Now the inner isolation guard just solves this problem.

D-Ring Shackle with Isolator China Supplier

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