Electrophoresis black paint surface or Electrophoretic coating is a new surface treatment in outdoor rigging hardware. Its corrosion resistance is more than 12 times that of ordinary electroplating, wear resistance is 30 times that of electroplating. Therefore, it is very suitable for outdoor hardware rigging products.

What is Electrophoresis black surface hardware/electrophoretic paint?

Black electrophoretic coating involves connecting direct current to both ends of a specific liquid. Through a period of cathode and anode reaction.  Then a layer of beautiful, dense and rust resistant black film is generate on the surface.

Electrophoresis black surface hardware anti-corrosion coatings snap hook
Snap Hook with anti-corrosion coating

Electrophoretic paint is a kind of high performance paint. We widely use it in automobile, electric appliance, machinery and other industries. In practical application, electrophoretic has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. So as to ensure the long-term safety and reliability of coating.

How to evaluate the performance of electrophoretic paint finish?

As mentioned earlier, electrophoretic has high corrosion and wear resistance compared to other surface treatments such as galvanizing, blackening, etc. So how do we evaluate these properties and determine their service life and quality? There is no doubt that neutral salt spray testing is a more convincing method at present.

How many hours of salt spray testing is require for rigging hardware?

The salt spray test time for electrophoretic paint is usually between 24 and 1000 hours. For example, in the ASTM D1654 standard, the sst time and requirements for “anti-corrosive coatings” are specified in detail. At the same time, in some industries, the salt spray test time can be longer, to more than 1000 hours. For rigging and hardware products our usual requirement is to ensure 300 hours of testing. This is a high quality treatment for rigging hardware.

Usage Of Electrophoresis black paint surface In Rigging Hardware

We are know that many rigging products will have a high demand in corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In some cases, the ordinary electrogalvanized surface is difficult to meet. And the electrophoretic paint just solved this problem. Its corrosion resistance is 12 times more than ordinary electroplating, wear resistance is 30 times. So if you want to make hardware have better corrosion and wear resistance you can try this surface treatment. . For example, Kailipu is currently doing spring Hooks, thread hooks, Ceiling Hooks, turnbuckles and eye bolts, etc. Although the price of this treatment is slightly higher. But it is cost-effective in the long run. And its excellent performance in terms of performance will not let us down.

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