Professional Turnbuckle Suppliers in China

Kailipu is one of the most professional turnbuckle suppliers in China. And we manufacture US drop forged,DIN standard and commercial type turnbuckles for the most. Among them, the HG-223, HG-225, HG-228, DIN1480 are the most representative. Also our specifications range from 6mm to 40mm, which covers almost all sizes you will need.

Turnbuckle is a common rigging device. People use it mostly to adjust tension and reduce slack in a rope, cable, or similar tensioning assembly. Meanwhile,turnbuckles are also a diverse product that have a wide variety of applications in many industries.

We supply hundreds of high-quality turnbuckles. Moreover, we also have a full production line. Not only can produce the standard type, but also do custom production. If you are looking for a professional turnbuckle supplier, do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • Thread diameter, with larger threads able to carry higher loads.
  • Take up is the total difference in length between the turnbuckle with the threads screwed all of the way in or out.
  • Working load limit should be carefully matched to the application. This is likely to result in turnbuckles with threads of larger diameter than that of cables and eye bolts in the tensioning system.
  • Material. turnbuckle have galvanized steel for most construction and industrial applications, as well as in stainless steel for offshore and ither critical applications.

A turnbuckle is a handy tool that makes lifting and rigging easier in the following ways: We use turnbuckles to increase or decrease tension on a load to make minor adjustments. A turnbuckle helps to accommodate a difference in sling length, ensuring equal load distribution.

How are turnbuckles measured? We designate turnbuckle body by the diameter of the rod threading into it and the length of the take-up inside the turnbuckle rather than the overall length. For example, a 1” x 6” turnbuckle body has an overall length of 8⅞”, but has an opening or “window” measuring 6”

Types of Turnbuckles
  • Jaw and jaw.
  • Eye and jaw.
  • Eye and eye.
  • Hook and hook.
  • Hook and eye.
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